Jen Segger
Jen SeggerMonday, July 17th, 2017 at 3:09am

Solo swims at the crack of dawn are the most amazing time to hit the open water. No one around, the lake is quiet and I get to enjoy a peaceful coffee lakeside after. I finally decided to up my safety game and tow a...

Natasha Castellanos I want to swim some early mornings! (If you ever want company!)
Brenda Davison I've never heard of those...I would so be into early swims by myself or with others - I'm slow - ! My Brohm 7am partner isn't around anymore..
Marie-Claude Neron I love those. Everybody should have one. It does help with the confidence indeed. :)
Monique Dube Safety first!
Jen Segger
Jen SeggerTuesday, July 11th, 2017 at 3:14am

Why not head out for a quick overnighter camping trip on the boards? Amazing little family adventure exploring the Howe Sound Marine Trail and back in at first light.
#makethesummercount #backyardadventures #livewild

Victoria Wall Shannon This is soooo great!! From Norm's pic I thought Kiel was getting a free ride...but look at him paddling!!❤️
Robert Harris That's so awesome!! Love the little seat!! Pulling Together Journey is leaving Squamish today.... headed for Porteau.
Tina Currie Love Kiel paddle
Monique Dube Someone's happy with the decision!!
Jeremy Poettcker Great pic! Love it!
David Norona awesome, where did ya get that little paddle, kaia needs one
Sara King Which campsite did you stay at? The first one? We are thinking of doing this!
Sheena Harris Love this!! Omgoodness look at little mans face!! Xoxox
Sherri L Holt Ild say safe all round and every base covered!!.. happy family.. love those adventures!
Nicola Gildersleeve What a wicked adventure to do the fam!
Bonnie Segger Life on the Coast! How sweeeeeeeet it is! Love everything about this picture! xxoxo
Laddie Hannam Awesome !
Laurie Buxton Love Kiel's expression! 😃
John Barron Cool! Looks like awesome good fun :-)
Laura Levar Beautiful photo Jen! Kiel is pumped!
Larina Bouwman You guys are amazing!
Jennifer Black So cool.
Stacey Elizabeth Hann Kiel!! Love this! ❤❤❤
Sherri L Holt Fantastic
Lindsay May Ridiculously adorable💕
Teresa Rowley Awesome!
Laurie Reid Geordie Harrower
Carmen Merkel Omg!!! #thatsmile on Kiels face!
Carole Bennett How cute
Chris Christie Looks like Norm is in good hands! #waterboy !
Jen Segger
Jen SeggerWednesday, July 5th, 2017 at 3:06pm

Oh yaaaaaaaaa 🏊‍♀️
It's all coming together now as I put in the final few weeks of #swimbikerun training.
#teamsirius #beksays #alicelake #roadtoironman #skyhighlifestyles #whistlerironman

Sheena Harris YAHOOOOOO jen!!!!! Beyond stoked to cheer you on!! It only took me 7 years to convince you it was a good idea. 😉#youareanironman !!! The voice of Steve King calling you home!!! Your first dance down that sweet carpet... its all giving me goosebumps..... GOTIME !! PS. Sorry but you may get addicted......
Neale Chisnall Hope to see you there, we are going out there to do the 70.3
Allison Christie I'm gathering you're doing an ironman - which one?
Jennifer Black Awesome Jen!!! So excited to cheer you on.
Carin Strydom All the best. Go Jen go
Monique Dube Looking great!!
Jen Segger
Jen SeggerSaturday, July 1st, 2017 at 11:11am

And I get to call this place home..... HAPPY CANADA DAY eh' !!!🇨🇦
#canada150 #beautifulbc #udhydrates

Ian Bruce Wow! Where is this?! Beautiful.
Michelle MacLeod Asulkan valley???
Jen Segger
Jen SeggerWednesday, June 28th, 2017 at 9:30am

Not a post today on training but rather on recovery. With #ironman on the horizon I'm in full throttle go mode 24/7. Here is my new daily post training smoothie, sometimes I drink 2 of these a day 😉


Joshua Young Yummy
Francois Fournier IM whistler ?
Jill Beauchamp Elliott Hey Jen - do you use whole chia seeds or ground?
Jen Segger
Jen SeggerThursday, June 22nd, 2017 at 2:52pm

August.... these mountains......
5 days of exploration running, coaching and guiding! See you in the Monashees of BC.
#glutesinthekoots2017 #udhydrates #fruit2 #solmountainlodge

Hailey Van Dyk I want to go join!!!
Mark Sky Looks gorgeous out there!
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