Jen Segger
Jen SeggerMonday, May 29th, 2017 at 2:28pm

Lots of nutrition talk with my @endurancecoaching athletes right now and they know how big of a hemp fan I am for easily getting essential omega's into the diet. Stoked to arrive home from Chile to a new product..... sea salted hemp hearts!...

Sheena Harris Nice kit!!
Jen Segger
Jen SeggerWednesday, May 24th, 2017 at 3:55pm

The desert area surrounding San Pedro offered a completely different landscape from that which @rayzahab and @stefanogregoretti and I biked across in our #arctictoatacama expedition last year. I can't wait to return for another exploration of Chile and to...

Bonnie Segger Is that snow or white sand, Jen Segger?
Jen Segger
Jen SeggerTuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 8:43am
Randy Richmond Cool landscape
Roy Malone Congrats Seegs!! Awesome adventure, and one with deep meaning.
Chris Barth Congratulations Jen!
Laurie Buxton You are so inspirational Jen! Heartfelt congratulations.
Heidi Madd Beautiful and surreal
Jennifer Appleton Wow you've got some amazing photos !!
Bonnie Segger What???? Snow???
Nikki Rekman Wow!
Brian Henderson One for your human spirit
Jen Segger
Jen SeggerMonday, May 22nd, 2017 at 2:44pm

Gett'in it done 100mile style with @ash.rams alongside me. This photo was on route to the 120km CP which we hit mid morning. Seeing the Atacama by foot allowed me to truly take in how amazing this place is. I do plan to...

Jen Segger
Jen SeggerSunday, May 21st, 2017 at 8:38am

Mission complete! 100miles across the Atacama for Mary, it was a long journey of emotion, discomfort and beauty! We saw places that were beyond stunning and landscapes that were so unique to anything I've ever seen! I suffered!! I ran. And I walked ALOT! This...

Holly O'Neill To quote you Jenny Segger "I will return in 2017 to finish the Atacama Xtreme 100miler course for Mary." Not only did you return, you were 1st female and 3rd overall in Mary Betts honour ❤ I'm sure you did Mary proud! Congratulations Jen and Ashley Ramsay. 🏃🏼‍♀️#gomary ps-I wore my GO MARY hat all day yesterday.
Sheena Harris So great! I could feel your intense focus, concentration and effort over the miles. Rarely ever did Mary not finish a race and you got it done for her😊 Cannot wait to hear the stories. Rest up!!! Xoxo
Martin O'Brien Congrats Jen, on a super performance. It is really touching that you, Ray and the team went to such lengths to remember Mary on her anniversary. I hope you and all the others felt her presence there with you as I'm sure she was. She was truly lucky to have such people around her.
Birgitte Marthinsen So happy you were able to do this for you and for Mary. I know she was there with you as she always will be. Well done on your amazing achievement.!!
Lois Cudmore so amazing happy that you were able to do this with and for Mary.....she will be with us all forever.....her spirit is there and with us all...Love you Jen
Catherine Harris I am so happy for you that you succeeded in your mission and you succeeded spectacularly as did the rest of the team. Mary had wonderful friends in all of you.
Luc Benac Between Norm and yourself, how many miles and wins do you total? Great achievement, next South Africa? I believe they also have another crazy race too.
Tina Currie This picture is so calm and clear #gomary we love you! So proud of you Jenny Segger for allowing yourself to heal 👍🏼
Nikki Rekman Wow! Amazing job Jenny Segger! Hope your heart healed some more along the journey❤️
Karen Parent An emotional and worthy tribute to Mary. Well done Jenn.
Peter Dobos Walking sounds deceptively easy to anyone who hasn't had to do it for 100miles. (y)
Jennifer Black Fantastic job Jen Jenny Segger. What a beautiful tribute to your beloved Mary.
Chris Barth Well done Jen...I know it was great for your soul (others as well), and Mary was with you every step of the way!
Colleen Koop Wow I've thought about you all weekend knowing the tough journey you together with the team were embracing. For Mary.
Janique Renee Congrats on your accomplishment! I am sure Mary was cheering you on and shinning above to be able to call you her friend! 😘
Kim Shadlock Makes me loss my breath!! Congrats! What an amazing thing to do... Mary I am sure was smiling from above!
Jennifer Appleton So awesome Jen !! What an effort ! Mary would be so proud of you and team Mary ! Can't wait to hear more :)
Walter Bucher Big hug. I'm sure Mary was with you all the way. I would have loved to hear the conversations. 😄
Di Adams Amazing Jen. Mary would be so proud xoxo
Deron Johnston Congrats Jen Segger, I know Mary is smiling right now!
Suzy Buckley Glad you had such a special journey on this one Jen!
Ian Martin Congrats Jen! Thinking about you all! Xo
Amanda Brandimore Amazing. Your friend is smiling. 💛☺️
Laura Levar Way to go Jen!! What an accomplishment.
Susan MacAlister Well done team💕
Jen Segger
Jen Segger added 2 new photos.Friday, May 19th, 2017 at 4:44am

Setting out today to complete the 100mile journey for Mary Betts. With nothing more on my mind then to cross that finish line for her, I will dig as deep as needed to make it happen! Surrounded by amazing friends down here and supported by...

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